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Pitched an original script to Japanese executives using a translator resulting in the approval of a $2.5 million budget for a 70mm theme park film.   $100 Million production deal orchestrated between a Singapore investment company and a Nashville production house.



Illustrated the historic breakthroughs pioneered by Renaissance masters in an award-winning film.  Co-wrote a film for the international exhibit Circa 1492 — its premiere at Creative Artists Agency was hosted by former Disney President, Michael Ovitz.




Chosen by iconic entertainer, the late Donna Summer, to co-write with her an episode of Touched By An Angel. Teamed up with the Goddard Group to write and co-produce an epic 3D film using custom developed software.  Helped guide the National Gallery of Art away from their failed concept to the story they really wanted resulting in an award-winning film.  Co-wrote six books with Dr. Jack Hayford.




Won Special Award For Outstanding Writer (IPA); Best Film Of The Year (Group M); Regional Emmy for Best Writing.  Currently developing a script (true story) about the scientist who helped Apollo reach the moon and who also ignited a global firestorm by his 1972 interview in which he proclaimed: “There is no conflict between God and science.”




Produced a faith-based film personally sought by Billy Graham for his distribution company — the first time Dr. Graham has ever distributed a film that was produced outside his organization.  Also, a film series about faith and family won 19 national and international awards. 




Pursued film production back in High School.  Since then, diligent in every professional position throughout a wide-range of films: writer, producer, director, animator, cameraman, effects designer, editor, lighting technician, music director and sound designer. 

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